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When I am on my bicycle,
and I cycle alone.
With a shortage or lack,
of other cyclists around me.

I hear something ticking,
at the bottom of my frame.
I search for the time melody,
and feel the rhythm out of nowhere.

I join in with my finger,
with the rhythm of my handlebar.
Makes me thing about other things,
which is why I don’t pain in my legs.

Then I start,
to whistle a melody.
After that,
I attach lyrics to it.

I hear a song in my head,
the sound is mind blowing.
And after 40 km,
is the intro is acomplete.

After 80 km,
all the couplets are created
While alone,
the last round is still waiting for me.

Luckily I see the finishline,
though I know I have lost.
I can also say with pride,
that a new song has been born.

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