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We are cyclists and we design cyclist apparel. Simple. Although Vedette Incognito is a young company, the people behind the brand have heaps of experience in cycling! (Amateur rider, bicycle shop owner, bicycle designer etc)

Our first jersey design/sample was made many years ago. After a lot of positive reviews and feedback from the first users, we thought it was time to start the brand and go globally.

Vedette Incognito cycling apparel has a unique graphic style, combined with a high user comfort.

We think it is important that cycling apparel uses fabrics of superior quality. Just like the apparel that the pro cyclist wear. Biggest difference is: You don’t have to be a pro to wear our cycling wear.

designed in

the netherlands

The Design

The Vedette Incognito designs are unique and designed in-house. We design all stuff ourselves.

Vedette Incognito products have technical features and nice details in the graphics. But overall, the design is not too loud! All our jerseys are mainly black, so the jersey fits nicely with a black cycling bib shorts.

If you look closer at the jersey, you’ll see the beautiful, subtle graphic details. A Vedette Incognito jersey always has one “funky graphic” sleeve.

the production

A high level of user comfort, the best materials, a consistent quality and a production in which ethics are easier to regulate. That’s what we consider as important. The search for manufacturers which meet these requirements has led us to two factories. Both factories produce “ethically” with the correct quality marks, use high-quality (Italian) fabrics and the very best chamois!

In our search we also found out that a “Made in Italy” label doesn’t really means what it suggests; Sometimes only the last step is carried out in Italy and the rest of the production in Romania/Bulgaria. In other cases, production in Italy is carried out by (illegal) Chinese migrant workers

We believe that fair and sustainable production is important. We are glad we found this.

the Team

  • John
  • Jeff