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Having a great design is a good start …. but great and consistent quality is even more important. Luckily, we found a production partner who could meet our requirements, in terms of production.

Of course we could go for the lowest price and search for a factory in Asia. However, we deliberately did not search for the cheapest production. We just want a fantastic and consistent quality, something which is easier to guarantee and control in Europe.

the production

Our cycling apparel is manufactured by a factory with a lot of knowledge and experience in the production of cycling apparel. Once the Vedette Incognito order has been produced, it is shipped to the Netherlands. All items are than packed here locally in the Netherlands.

the packaging

Our packaging is printed at CiroPack in the Netherlands. This printing company has a sun roof with 368 solar panels. This generates more than 90,000kW of electricity every year. This is enough to make CiroPack completely energy-neutral.