Most cycling apparel brands have a wide range of cycling apparel; a jersey for a beginner, for an expert, made of 4 panels, made of 12 panels, made of bad fabrics or made of slightly better fabrics …. And so on.

Ahhh that gives us headaches!! We like to keep it simple and clear. We offer cycling apparel which is made of the best sport-fabrics. Suitable for someone who is a cycling daily but also great for someone who only cycles when the sun is out.

That is why we only have one type of short sleeve jersey; a superior one. Made of very good and elastic Italian fabrics. No production in Asia, but handmade in Europe.

the Jersey

the Jersey


A good cycling jersey must meet various requirements; It must have a good fit, so no loose fluttering parts around your body. The fabric must be thin, lightweight, able to wick away perspiration and it must be durable and fast drying.
To make a cycling jersey stretch well, a fabric often has “elastane” (spandex). This is made of Polyurethane and stretches fantastic.
However, it also has disadvantages; it is much less durable than Polyester and wicks perspiration much worse.
We think it is important that the areas of your torso that sweat the most during cycling (the chest and back) have a fabric which contains as little elastane as possible.
We have therefore deliberately chosen an expensive Polyester fabric from the Italian company MITI, with no or as little elastane as possible.

The extra long Lycra sleeves wrap around your arms perfectly. This very fine woven “Lycra” is fast-drying, breathable and feels very soft.

Under the arms there is 4-way stretch mesh for extra cooling. This fabric is double-woven and extremely lightweight (90 g/m²)

Our short sleeve cycling jerseys have an fairly athletic fit.

The jerseys have 3 classic pockets and 1 zipped pocket with a YKK zipper. For the pockets we always use a 2-way stretch fabric. This fabric stretches horizontally, but not vertically. Therefor the pockets do not “sag” when your phone etc is in it. A silicone gripper at the bottom of the jersey keeps the jersey always in position.

All our short sleeve jerseys have a Camlock YKK zipper, which prevents the zipper from opening undesirably during cycling.